Monday, September 19, 2011

VC: Reorganization and Barr Property

Dear People:  Mark will be out of town, so we're keeping the agenda relatively light, but still there are big issues that a great many of you care about, and as usual, you can always read more about everything on the agenda by examining our packet, here. I've highlighted a few things below:


In Paper Packet and On Line:
Housing Coalition of Greene Co. re: Support of Affordable Senior Housing
Chief Grote re: Beggars’ Night: SATURDAY, OCT. 29.  Chief Grote also responds to various criticisms of the event, including the charge that too many people come from outside the village, saying that people come because it's family friendly and feels safe, and it's not unlike 4th of July or Street Fair: part of who we are is about being welcoming to visitors. 
All Previously Received Letters Referencing Barr Property Proposal
Anna Bellisari re: Barr Property Trees
Alan Macbeth re: Barr Property Trees
Steven Bognar re: Support for Senior Housing
Suzanne Patterson re: Support for Senior Housing

Vicki Hennessey re: Forum on DEFEATING ISSUE 2 (SB 5):  THURSDAY! (this week!) Sept 22, 7:30 pm, YS Senior Center (227 Xenia).  Rudy Fichtenbaum (AAUP/Wright State), Aurelia Blake (YSHS); Ellis Jacobs (local attorney--will also address the opposition to HB 194--be sure to sign a petition opposing this bill.)  Please attend! This is the first event sponsored by a new groups calling itself Progressive Yellow Springs.

YS Arts Council re: Seat on Economic Sustainability Commission
: Requesting a seat for one of their Board of Trustee members.

E-Packet Only:
Greene Co. Library re: October Programming

Reading of Resolution 2011-48 Authorizing $40,000 for Operations and Maintenance Manuals for WWTP:  This should have been included in the original budget, it's necessary; I support it.  The funds will come from the loan that we are taking out to cover the cost of building the new additions to the WWTP, required by the EPA.  I will vote yes.
Reading of Resolution 2011-49 Adding Streets to the 2011 Paving Program: This is correcting a discrepency between documents, due to human error, rather than adding streets we did not initially intend.  I will vote yes.

First Reading of Ordinance 2011-24 Approving Amendment to the Village Organizational Structure:  I realize that this has been controversial in the village, and last week I shared Judith's thoughts on this.  I believe strongly that this new structure is both the appropriate model for our work in the village, and that it will better serve business interests to have the point person on economic development (who, yes, will have other responsibilities) be a full time employee, rather than a part time employee who is only in the office 20 hours a week.  I do not see this as a loss to the economic development interests of the village but as a plus.  I will vote yes. 

First Reading and Public Hearing of Ordinance 2011-25 Amending the Zoning Code to Permit a PUD-R for Barr Property:  I will vote yes for this project, urging the developers to save as many old-growth trees as they can.  But this is the right kind of project for our economic prosperity.  If successful, this is a $6.25 million dollar grant that will come into our community from the outside.  It fits with our goals of infill and re-development, and it serves the most frequently selected need arising from our recent visioning process: affordable housing.  Many seniors in our community are eager to move into these apartments, which would allow a life that is integrated into the community, near important amenities like the pharmacy and the grocery store, and down town shops. Finally, let's be clear: this is not a shortened process, but a lengthened one.  The developers have agreed to go through the whole, required process after we give our (initial) blessing for a project of this scale to be considered as they seek grant money, with the understanding that if there are significant problems with making the site work, based on engineering, they will have to re-plan.  I hear the concerns,  but I believe it will be a win for the village if we can help to facilitate it.  I will vote yes.



By Rainer Maria Rilke Translated By Mary Kinzie Read the translator's notes
After the summer's yield, Lord, it is time
to let your shadow lengthen on the sundials
and in the pastures let the rough winds fly.

As for the final fruits, coax them to roundness.
Direct on them two days of warmer light
to hale them golden toward their term, and harry
the last few drops of sweetness through the wine.

Whoever's homeless now, will build no shelter;
who lives alone will live indefinitely so,
waking up to read a little, draft long letters,   
and, along the city's avenues,
fitfully wander, when the wild leaves loosen.
Source: Poetry (April 2008).

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