Monday, June 13, 2011

PC tonight: Solar Farm Zoning, Internet "Sweepstakes", and Parks/Rec Plan

Hi People--Just a quick note. There are 3 things on our planning commission agenda tonight:

1) The solar farm is to be sited on a part of the Glass Farm that is still only zoned according to Township Zoning--it has never been re-zoned by the village. The township zoning apparently does allow for a solar farm. Also, our current zoning code defines "essential facilities" but does not make them exempt from the provisions of the zoning code, which is unusual. We will discuss whether it would be worth our while to look at any other properties that have not had village zoning established. I am not sure how important this is when we're beginning the process of rewriting our zoning code.

2) We had hoped to make Internet "Sweepstakes"--i.e., gambling--facililties a conditional use in the general business district. Our solictor now tells us that we have no choice but to make them a permitted use. We'll discuss this further this evening.

3) Tim Tobey is taking a stab at working the old Parks and Rec Master Plan that was drafted in the late 90s and never finally endorsed by Council. Karen Wintrow had made some updates in the mid-2000s but those hadn't been attended to. He'll be letting us know what it looks like and whether it's doable to make small updates to it or if we should just drop it.

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