Monday, June 21, 2010

VC! Water Quality / System Assessment and Housing Needs

Dear People: I had a house guest this weekend and I left right after she did to see my daughter perform in A Midsummer Night's Dream, in the woods in Ann Arbor last night (the audience hiked through the woods to see the new scenes--9 different locations--it was wonderful). So I'm just now back in the loop--and late with my note. Please accept my apology.

The agenda tonight is fairly light, comparatively speaking but there are a few important things on it:


1) ORDINANCE: Parking: After consultation with some villagers and representatives of Antioch College, Chief Grote proposes that we amend our parking ordinances: 1) getting rid of angled parking on E. North College from Xenia to Livermore and 2) getting rid of the specific limitation on parking for more than 12 hours on Livermore Street around Antioch campus, and 3) changing our current parking limitation from 24 hours to 72 hours, so that if you have a weekend guest, they won't be penalized for not moving their cars at least once a day.


Streetlight Replacement: Mostly this will just be an announcement from Mark and the Energy Task Force, that, having researched the options, we need to re-bid the street light replacement project, but we are now ready to move forward without delay.


Water Quality and System Update: This is a report from Kelley Fox and Joe Bates about our current water distribution system (i.e., all the pipes in town) as well as our water treatment system, and the problems we face, particularly as regards "brown water," and what our options may be, based on what other communities in the region do, particularly as regards the treatment for manganese, which is the cause of the brown water (not old pipes, as some have speculated.)

Housing Needs Assessment: Affordable housing was the top concern arising out of our recent Visioning process, and we had a presentation by affordable housing consultant John Davis of Burlington, VT, on the issue at our last meeting (June 5). We have regularly discussed funding an assessment of our housing stocks in order to determine what changes are needed to fit our vision and goals. Marianne MacQueen, of Home Inc, has written a brief plan of action for Council and we have an email from the Center for Urban and Public Affairs (CUPA) from Wright State that the likely cost will be $8,840 for a survey of our housing and an assessment of needs. (Staff and student wages, mileage, telecom services to conduct data analysis, literature/document review, and a windshield survey of the village.

Council Rules/Procedures: Review and Revision: At our recent retreat (June 7) Council reviewed our current published rules and procedures (last updated in 2007, and agreed that some slight alterations are needed, primarily to make them fit with the newly revised rules for publication of meetings and a few other small changes. We will formally review these suggestions tonight.

Then we will have our standing reports from the Manager, our Clerk, all the committee reps and do our agenda planning. I believe there is no executive session planned.

No time for poetry this week! Maybe step outside and really look closely at one tree, top to bottom.


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