Monday, February 8, 2010

PC tonight, VC (Budget!) tomorrow night

Dear People: What a week, already! We met yesterday with five candidates for the Village Clerk position from 12 noon- 5 pm. We will be calling references this week and meeting in executive session after our next regular meeting, next Monday, to discuss the candidates and, we hope, make a decision. The remaining candidates are all very strong, so our decision will not be easy. (The current economy is so hurtful to good's frustrating to see that first hand.)

Two meetings this week:

1) Planning Commission, tonight (Mon 2/8) 7 pm: We will be continuing our discussion of Historic Preservation Legislation and have our goals review. We will review the PUD Chapter at our March 8th meeting.

2) Village Council, special budget meeting (1st of 3), tomorrow night (Tue 2/9) 7 pm: We will discussing the overall budget plan. Attached are some documents from Mark, that will be relevant to our discussion. Please read Mark's cover letter, the list of out year projects, and the (incomplete) budget worksheet for capital projects. (This will almost certainly be updated for our meeting tomorrow night).

I'd very much welcome your feedback.


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