Monday, November 2, 2009

VC: Election-e'en!

{-- I will say NO on Tuesday. (image from

Hi, People:
Well, Tuesday is election day: Vote! I will support all the local levies (mental health, libraries, etc.) and I will oppose the casinos and Issue 2. I will be voting for all local positions as well. On election eve, your current council will be hard at work on a variety of concerns.

  • Airport Noise: A big thick packet of information from the City Mgr of Springfield with regard to the issue. I have not had time to look at this! If someone would like to help me to sort through all the information--particularly if this is an especial concern of yours--I'd be happy to share my packet with you.
  • Family Violence Prevention Center: Fundraiser at Young's Golden Jersey Inn, Nov. 4, "Adopt-A-Family" with domestic abuse issues for holiday season. For more info call 937.376.8526 or email: to have your name added to their list.
  • Voinovich staff townhall meeting with Greene County communities in Xenia on Nov. 10, 11am-12 noon @ Greene County Commissioner's Office, Exec Session Room, Administrative Bldg, 35 Greene Street Xenia Ohio.
  • Hydroluorosilicic Acid info: I received a packet of information about the specific fluoride treatment that we purchase from Bonded Chemicals, Inc. If anyone is interested, it is in our packet this week. I don't have an electronic copy, and I will need mine for the next EC meeting. If you'd like to have a copy, I will find out the easiest way to have one made. Our packets are always available at the library and at the village offices, in the sitting area by the police dispatcher on the first floor.
  • ORDINANCE: First reading & Public Hearing on participation in a new AMP Hydo-electric Project at Greenup and Meldahl. (I discussed this briefly last week. They look like good projects that I am planning to support.
  • RESOLUTION: establishing Village Manager Mark Cundiff as a temporary deputy Clerk of Council to assist with signing important documents in an efficient way, at no extra cost to the village.
  • ECON SUSTAINABILITY COORDINATOR Update: Mark has interviewed candidates and hopes to have a name to announce at our meeting!
  • SIDEWALKS: 1) Crews worked last weekend on cutting back trees from public walks along Xenia Ave, east side. 2) Sidewalk replacement on same street side delayed due to staff illness. Should begin in Feb/March next year. 3) King St.: since it does not involve assessment, we should be able to be completed by end of November. A resident had specific comments about the street condition, and somewhat opposing the plan we approved, i.e., that the village will pick up the rather minimal tab for this section to resolve a current safety issue; 4) Safe Routes to School continues; surveys and tally sheets have been distributed.
  • HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Planning Commission, of which I am a member, proposes establishing regulations regarding demolition of structures in a historical district or historic landmarks in the village. These would not be regulations about paint colors or adding on new things, simply about the demolition of older structures altogether, or "demoliton by neglect. They mostly 1) require the village to maintain an inventory of historic structures (so that we can make sure that owners are aware of the historic value of their properties), and 2) require the owner to notify the village if a structure needs to be demolished and produce evidence that demolition is, in effect, the only feasible way forward.
  • VILLAGE MANAGER EVALUATION: It's been almost a year since Mark became our Village Manager, so it's evaluation time. Mark has provided with various forms, including our own from the last evaluation of our former Village Manager. We will look at these possible forms and decide how to best evaluate his work. Please let me know, via email or phone, if you have any reflections on Mark's work for us over the past year.
EXECUTIVE SESSION: Personnel issue.


That's about it! Here's a lovely spooky batty Hallowe'en poem

Bats by Paisley Rekdal

unveil themselves in dark.

They hang, each a jagged,

silken sleeve, from moonlit rafters bright

as polished knives. They swim

the muddled air and keen

like supersonic babies, the sound

we imagine empty wombs might make

in women who can’t fill them up.

A clasp, a scratch, a sigh.

They drink fruit dry.

And wheel, against feverish light flung hard

upon their faces,

in circles that nauseate.

Imagine one at breast or neck,

Patterning a name in driblets of iodine

that spatter your skin stars.

They flutter, shake like mystics.

They materialize. Revelatory

as a stranger’s underthings found tossed

upon the marital bed, you tremble

even at the thought. Asleep,

you tear your fingers

and search the sheets all night.



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