Saturday, August 15, 2009

VC Monday! VC Election! EC opening! Street Paving! Comp Plan! Levy Renewal? Public Art!

Dear People: Well, it's another busy week on the Village Council, and school is about to start! My life is about to get really crazy. But, I also kind of look forward to the energy of the new fall term, the new school year.

As I announced in a quick email yesterday, I will be holding my office hours from 10:30-12 noon, in the Emporium, on SATURDAYS for the fall. (I'm here right now!)

My understanding is that Karen Wintrow, Judith Hempfling, Kathryn van der Heiden, are all planning to run again; there are also rumors about 1-2 other villagers planning to stand, which I have not yet confirmed.

EC OPENING: We're being productive and having fun--join us? Community Gardens, Emerald Ash, supporting alternative energy...You can visit our next meeting on Thursday 27 August. 7 pm in Bryan Ctr.

STREET PAVING will begin on various streets in town this Monday: Green, North College, President, Rice, Union, Wright, E. Herman, Park meadows, E. South College, W. Whiteman, and Kahoe Lane.

At our meeting, we'll vote on 6 pieces of legislation:

  1. Second reading/ public hearing on the economic sustainability position. I plan to vote no, again, because I'm not convinced this position is the best plan for using our economic development funds. However, I will fully support the work of the person we hire and I hope that I am proved wrong. In his manager's report this week, Mark Cundiff stated that the deadline has just passed and it looks like we've received 15 applicants.
  2. First reading: Eco-Choice program-AMP: This program is the long-awaited "green-pricing" program that has recently been re-developed by AMP, our energy co-op. Purely voluntary, this program allows people to pay a little extra--$0.013 per kwh--to help support the development of green energy sources. [If you use 500kw in a month, it would amount to $6.50 extra in a month.] Council approved this plan in 2008, but then we post-poned enacting it because AMP was developing this program. If you signed up before, I believe you are still signed up, but I will be asking for clarification at our next meeting.
  3. First reading: No (non-human) animals at Street Fair: At our last street fair, despite the 'no dogs' rule posted by the fair operators, a person was bitten by a dog. Police can only enforce laws, not rules, so our manager has advised us, and we concur, that a law must be passed prohibiting dogs at the fair--it's actually only kindness to all us animals, to keep your beloved animal companions at home.
  1. Employment Agreement with Village Solicitor (John Chambers, Coolidge Wall).
  2. Employment Agreement with Village Treasurer (Deborah Benning, also Clerk of Council)
  3. Authorization of Village Manager to apply for, accept, and enter into a water pollution control loan fund for the wastewater treatment facility.
  1. Comprehensive Plan: We'll be going through the final pages of the plan, and specifically discussing two suggested edits from Karen Wintrow, regarding Open Space and Electric Distribution. This week's packet is not yet online, due to staff health reasons, but you can read Karen's suggestions on page 38 of last week's packet.
  2. Levy Committee: Since only one person has contacted our Village Manager about serving on a committee to advise on what type of levy, if any, should be pursued, he is suggesting that we, the Council, answer the questions that need to be addressed:
    • What has been the fiscal impact of the current levy?
    • What will be the fiscal impact if the current levy is not replaced?
    • Examination of options: renewal of current; new levy at different millage; new levy dedicated to specific areas; no levy
    • What are the impacts of these options--revenues generated, loss of revenues if fails, potential service/staff cuts if levy fails, etc.
    • Campaign strategy and organization if renewal is sought
  1. Village Investment Summary--our investments are losing some money due to stock market losses and low interest rates.
  2. Economic Development Revolving Loan Fund--a report on how loans are being repaid, etc.
  3. Public Art: Placement of new sculptures--the winners of the public art competition.
After the Manager's report we will plan the agenda and then go into executive session regarding personnel appointment/ agreement.

I have to run now! Peace--


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