Sunday, March 22, 2009

MON: Visioning Interview #1: Regenesis/KKG 7 pm, Bryan Ctr.

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Dear People: I have been scrambling to get caught up after being out of town on a much needed spring break trip to see two old friends from grad school. So somehow I didn't even manage an email/blog update last week. Nevertheless, I was very pleased with the turn out at our meeting this past Monday where we discussed the budget and had our first vote on it. (Since it's an ordinance, we'll vote a second time at our next meeting on April 6).

The main thing I want to remind you of is our special meeting on Monday, 23 March, a public interview with Regenesis/KKG, at 7 pm in the Bryan Center. Their websites are here (Regenesis) and here (KKG). Regenesis gave a sample "charette" to a fairly large group of interested villagers last year in which they explained their "story of place" approach to working with communities; they would for the first time be working with the more local group, KKG associates, who are urban planners/architects from Cincinnati.

We'll then do the same thing with the second visioning candidate, ACP of Columbus, a firm with a long history of doing visioning work in the state and around the nation, NEXT Monday 30 March, 7 pm in the Bryan Center.

The format of both meetings should be identical: if I recall correctly, both have been asked to do a brief presentation of their proposed Visioning process, followed by Q&A. The Visioning subcommittee has created a list of specific questions that they plan to ask at the meeting, and Council will also have a chance to weigh in with questions about their work, approach, experience, and plans for us. Since this is being envisioned as a process for both village and the Miami township, Township representatives will also likely be present and engaged.

Villagers will also be encouraged to ask questions and engage with both groups, and your feedback, and experiences interacting with them will be vital for informing our decision on this process. Please plan to attend! We need variety of villagers--young, old, new and longer-term, all backgrounds, incomes and ethnicities, to give us the best sense of how to proceed.

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JafaBrit's Art said...

thanks for using my photo, I love this one. I felt like a kid looking up and getting lost in the sky and branches. Hope you had a nice spring break.