Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Late posting...this week's planning comm/env. comm.

Dear People: I was busy on Sat. morning and never got this written nor attended my office hours. Sorry about the delay. The Planning Commission will meet on Mon at 7 pm* in the Bryan Center, to discuss two agenda items:

1) The Library Alley: Woolpert consultants have looked at the alley behind our library that access the library parking lot. They suggest
  • Making it one-way (enter only from Limestone and exit only from Davis St.)
  • If possible, straightening and paving it.
2) The Comprehensive Plan, focusing on the 4th part which we've been working on revising, and the comp plan as a whole and our future plans for it.

Our next EC meeting will be a trip to CEMEX. Good news: Cemex has withdrawn its request to burn tires!

The bad news is that they are still our biggest polluter, and we want to know more about the process they are using for burning petroleum coke and coal in that plant--and what, if anything, can be done to improve the situation.

Our next Village Council meeting will be on the 17th. We'll be discussing the RFP that the Visioning Task-Force has created. I am very concerned that this process work, and would urge people to attend, if possible. I will have more info closer to the date.

*This was sent as an email to my mailing list on Sunday 11/9. Please let me know if you'd like to be added to that mailing list.

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