Saturday, September 6, 2008

Plan Comm: Historic Preservation, Non-Stop and YSKP requests, Comp Plan

Dear People: The Planning Commission will meet 7 pm Monday evening, Bryan Ctr., and we have a pretty big agenda on tap. I'll be in my office hours today, 12-1 pm Emporium.

Historic Preservation:
I'll be proposing to the Planning Commission that we hold a joint meeting with the Village Council, in December, for an educational, special report from Glenn Harper of the Ohio Historic Preservation on the possibilities of historic preservation--including historic preservation ordinances and what is entailed in Certified Local Government status--in the village.

Public Hearings: We'll have two public hearings on
  • The vacation of two alleys (in, it seems, on the most technical sense; they have already been partially vacated) between N. High St. & N. Stafford St. at 409 N. High St.
  • Non-Stop Liberal Arts Institute is asking for a conditional use permit for its rental property on 113 E. Davis St.
Old Business: The ongoing saga of our Comprehensive Plan revision, with John Eastman.

New Business: Ed Amrhein has been advised by our Village Solicitor, John Chambers, that the Planning Commission needs to make a determination as to whether YSKP can use a site within Millworks (on Walnut St.), which is zoned light industrial, for prop production, storage, and possibly rehearsal. We have to decide whether their proposed uses are permitted or require a conditional use permit.

I hope I'll see some of you in my office hours today or wandering around the Blues fest, or other events going on in town this weekend. (I've read good things about the Woody Allen film that's playing in the Little Art right now...).

Rock on, compatriots--

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