Monday, June 2, 2008

Barr property, Antioch closure concerns

Dear People: There will be several important items on the agenda at our Village Council meeting on Monday night, 7pm in the Bryan Center (second floor, Council Chambers) so I suspect it may be a packed house.

Public Hearings/Legislation
Friends Care Community's proposal for the Senior Apts on the Barr property. I have been hearing a good deal from both sides on this question. I am planning to press further on the question of how affordable these apartments will be.
Village Treasurer-Employment Agreement
Green Pricing This will be a resolution signing up the Village's utility-user accounts for green pricing. (NOTE: We also agreed at our last VC meeting (5/14) that we were close enough to the 10% sign-up figure to go ahead with green pricing, so the contracts will be sent to villagers soon.)
New Business:Antioch closure concerns: We have heard from our county fire marshall about fire hazard concerns and will be discussing this at our next meeting.

We will also be going into executive session regarding our hiring process for the interim village manager. We are making good progress.

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